Kaspa's Desserts 3

Kaspa’s Desserts is continuing with the brand expansion with a new flagship restaurant opening  in Southport.

At the same time, the first Kaspa’s Dessert branch has opened in Marrakesh, Morocco, with two more sites to open in Rabat and Casablanca by the end of 2024.

“We are delighted to support existing Partners expanding their investment in Kaspa’s Desserts both in UK and in overseas markets,” says Francesco Arcadio, group managing director.

“At a time of great changes in the hospitality business, we proactively responded to the market challenges by making our business model lighter, more structured and responsive to customers and franchisees feedback alike, while maintaining our commitment to quality, price and innovation”.

The dessert café chain currently operates more than 100 stores across the country. Arcadio told MCA last year it saw opportunities in the North, where it has a “good presence- but could do better.”

Kaspa’s has recently launched new Summer menus, with a number of new entries, including Italian inspired sweet arancini and loaded chimney cakes. It is also reportedly the first among branded dessert parlour chains worldwide to launch a new plant based pistachio gelato.

“Our NPD team has worked hard in collaboration with our Gelato Maestro to produce a quality plant based pistachio gelato for all, without forgetting about the traditional flavours that bring the child out of anybody.

“The new Jammy Dodger inspired gelato, is an example of this. Yet, in the shared hope for a dryer and warmer summer, we also indulged in the creation of a new Watermelon sorbet for those that prefer a more fruity refreshment. And like all our range ice cream range, we have proudly banned all artificial colouring from all of our artisan style gelati and sorbetti!,” Arcadio adds.