Licensing authorities in Hull have set a benchmark for the use of new licensing powers granted to local authorities, by refusing to grant extended Public Entertainment Licences to two bars unless they scrapped drinks promotions. The Mission in Posterngate, which applied for a licence until 1am on Friday and Saturdays, was told "the premises [should] not market itself to encourage binge drinking on the nights when extended hours are agreed," effectively ending its ability to offer drinks promotions on the weekend. The Quayside pub, situated nearby, had similar restrictions imposed, in a move that could show how licensing authorities across the country will ultimately use their extended powers. David Taylor, licensing manager of Hull council, commented: "It's a very sensitive area… there were a number of complaints about both pubs and the committee was trying to cut down on the volume of people chasing cheap drinks offers and causing a nuisance." Jon Collins, of the Bar Entertainment and Dance Association, accused the council of being anti-competitive. "If I was the licensee of this pub I would appeal," he said, adding: "It is not a level playing field as they have to compete with others who don't have these restrictions."