Pub entrepreneur Hugh Corbett is launching a new chain of pubs called Larrikinns. He has one site near Marylebone, in central London, which he

hopes to open later this year and he wants to take on a second in North London.

The former Slug & Lettuce, Harvey Floorbanger's and Tup Inns tycoon wants to expand the new concept to up to six sites. A larrikin is Australian slang for a high-spirited young man who likes to have a good time. However, the outlets will be traditional pubs rather than operate to an Australian theme.

Most of the pubs will keep their original names, but some will operate under the Larrikinns banner. Corbett sold Tup Inns' 10 pubs last year for £3.3m to Massive, which is about to open the 11th Tup in Wandsworth, south London.