Hospitality is strongly opposed to introducing calorie counts on menus and alcohol, according to the latest Hospitality Leaders Poll carried out by Lumina Intelligence.

Of the 191 questioned, all of whom are board level positions or founders of restaurants, pubs and food to go operations, 83% condemned plans to introduce calorie counts to menus, while 76% were against the proposals to add calorie counts to alcohol.

“People go to pubs for a relaxed experience and know that their choices are not necessarily healthy ones,” said one multi-site operator, while another said: “It’s the wrong time to be doing this.”

However, of those that did support such a move, one said: “It’s simple information and a useful step for health.”

Meanwhile the fear of a local lockdown is haunting the industry, with a huge 94% of those questioned saying they were concerned about the prospect.

The special measures introduced in Greater Manchester may have been responsible for the result of this week’s tracker question, which is monitoring confidence for the future among the hospitality industry.

Last week it had moved up from 66% to 73%, but this week it fell down to 64%, with one multi-site operator saying: “Although we are delighted with the first day of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, and are feeling optimistic, we’re sensing the ambient nervousness about the possibility of a second lockdown, with customers saying they thought they should hurry to come and dine before restaurants are told to close again…”