UK footfall has continued to build momentum, seeing the biggest jump in four weeks on Saturday, according to the latest data from Wireless Social.

On Saturday 22 August, footfall across the country jumped up by 4% - the biggest rise since the end of July – reaching -43% of February’s pre-lockdown average.

Cities with the greatest rise include London (up 5%), Bristol (up 7%), Cardiff (up 8%), Glasgow (up 7%) and Edinburgh (up 12%, the closest figure to pre-lockdown comparison at -22%).

In the capital, Oxford Street saw growth on Monday (17 August) and Tuesday (18 August), however it fell again on Wednesday (19 August), likely due to heavy rain in the city that day.

Manchester remained largely the same week-on-week, increasing by just 1%, while Birmingham and Liverpool saw a dip in footfall, dropping by 10% and 4% respectively.