Draughts Café, the games board café concept has confirmed to MCA its second site will be in the Leake Street Arches, near Waterloo Station.

Co-founder Nick Curci told MCA the new site, a 1,900sq ft railway arch ste over two levels, would be broadly similar to its original in Haggerston, with space for more game playing, and a larger kitchen for an expanded food and drink offer.

Other names due to join the scheme include Lost Rivers, who will open a craft brewery and taproom; and The Banh Bao Brothers, a debut Vietnamese restaurant concept.

Curci said if successful, he and partner Toby Hamand would look to open a further two sites in London over the next two years.

He said the modern-day dominance of digital culture meant Draughts acted as an antidote and way for people to interact without screens.

Curci said: “As long as people are still interested and excited we will try and do more.

“This is our first step into a bigger more expensive venue. If it’s successful we do plan to open a couple more in London in the next few years.

“To go this next level is exciting, we’re thrilled, and we have every intention to grow and become bigger.”

On the appeal of board games in a digital world, he added: “We don’t promote ourselves as a place to sit and work – we want to see people getting out of that digital world and connecting one on one or in groups.

“I enjoy going against the grain. People are happy to have that as more and more digital things ramp up.

“I come from a tech background, so maybe this has led me to the pushback against that.

“People have really embraced the idea.”