The Government’s proposals to relax live music licensing laws for pubs are set to come into effect next Spring.

The Legislative Reform Order (LR) will deregulate the playing of live and recorded music between 8am and 11pm before an audience of up to 500 people in licensed premise, while Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling will be deregulated before 11pm up to an audience of 1,000.

Currently pubs with 200 or more customers must have a special licence to play or host music.

Following the House of Commons Regulatory Reform Committee’s decision that the deregulation can proceed using the Affirmative Procedure – meaning it must be approved by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to become law – licensing solicitors have said the changes should come into effect next Spring.

The amendments to the Entertainment Licensing Regime was laid before parliament in July, following a consultation in October last year.