Pizza and tequila concept Crazy Pedro’s and crazy golf and drinks experience Junkyard Golf Club are looking to add four or five sites of each in 2017, MCA has learnt.

Lyndon Higginson, who co-founded Crazy Pedro’s with Manchester-based Liars Group, said he hoped to get to 10 sites before considering selling on the concept.

Specialising in a wide range of quality tequila and mescal, novelty pizzas and a popular after-hours hang-out for bar and pub industry staff, Crazy Pedro’s opened its second Manchester site last month, is going to Liverpool next, and is closing in on sites in Nottingham and Leeds after that.

Meanwhile Junkyard Golf Club, which Higginson runs separately with Mat Lake, is looking at Liverpool, awaiting paperwork in Nottingham, with potential sites Leeds and Oxford, and prsopects for a second in London.

Higginson said: “If red tape didn’t exist, we’d open everywhere next week. We’ve got pins in the map all over the UK from London to Glasgow and everywhere in between.

“Hopefully this time next year we’ll have another four or five of each. Both brands are really unique and very easily replicated. We’ve seen people who’ve copied us already - to a lesser standard – but it’s quite nice that they think it’s good enough to copy. It means the onus is on us to be there before everyone else.”

On the potential for Crazy Pedro’s, Higginson said: “With Pedro’s we’ve recognised it as such a strong brand. It started out quite slowly but I always knew it would be a cool industry hang-out. Its plodded along and within the first year it was flying. Anyone who worked in the bar or pub industry would end up there after their shift.

“The beauty is its quite a chameleon of a bar. You can relax and chill in the daytime with pizza. It gets a bit boozier in the evening with a nice crowd. Then later on after 11 or 12 it becomes a crazy party bar where people can let their hair down.

“It’s always been the goal to be industry first, and we really like it that way, because it keeps that cool character, particular as we’re looking to expand quite quickly. We want it to be independent and one of a kind, even if there’s going to quite a few of them.”

On Junkyard, he added: “As a brand I think it’s pretty much perfect. We’ve got big plans, we want it in every city.”