Council members in Brighton and Hove have hit out at plans by two of the city’s strip clubs to host nude entertainment under new licensing laws. The Top Totty Club and The Pussycat Club have also applied to extend their opening hours to 2am during the week and 4am at weekends as well as increasing the age limit from 18 to 21. Brighton and Hove City Council leader Ken Bodfish said: "I do not wish to see the city degenerate into a place synonymous with booze, boobs and bare bodies. "This could only set a precedent for more places like this and it would be a step in the wrong direction." Conservative leader Garry Peltzer Dunn said: "People are free to visit these places even though I personally disapprove. "I think this is most distasteful, would set a precedent and is a step too far." A council spokesman said: "The committee will assess the proposals with the objective of preventing public nuisance, crime and disorder, harm to children and public safety."