Welsh operators have urged first minister Mark Drakeford to rescue them from “limbo” with more support and clarification on when they can resume business.

Publicans and operators who run hundreds of pubs in Wales complained they had reached crisis point.

They criticised the Welsh government for insufficient financial backing and failure to set out clarity on reopening in contrast to Westminster and Holyrood which had been more forthcoming in England and Scotland.

The most recent grant for pubs in Wales covered the period up to the end of March. Now the Welsh Beer & Pub Association wants restart grants for pubs in Wales like their counterparts in England and Scotland.

Drakeford suggested last weekend that pubs in Wales might be able to open outdoors in late April, but the date for a full reopening indoors remains unknown.

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association said: “Welsh pubs are in limbo, with no clarity on when they can expect to fully reopen nor the financial support they need to continue to survive in lockdown.

“We will continue to work closely with the Welsh government but our pubs and publicans in Wales are suffering, and cash reserves are rapidly becoming exhausted.

“We need a clear indication with dates on when they can expect to fully reopen, as well as great increase in the level of support they are getting to ensure they can hold on.”