Hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses affected by ongoing coronavirus restrictions in Wales could see an additional £180m in extra support, the Welsh Government has announced.

Businesses are expected to receive an initial extra £30m, and pending the outcome of the Government’s upcoming review on 12 March, a further £150m in grants could be made available to firms through the Non Domestic Rates (NDR) scheme if coronavirus restrictions are extended.

The latest round of the Welsh Government’s Economic Resilience Fund will target £30m worth of support to businesses of all sizes – employing ten or more staff - in the affected sectors, as well as related supply chain businesses.

Should restrictions be extended in next week’s review, businesses that pay non-domestic rates will receive an additional payment of £5k regardless of the number of employees they have.

Responding to the announcement, UKHospitality Cymru Executive Director David Chapman said: “This package supports key venues across our communities that employ hundreds of thousands of people and that have been forced to stay shut because of the pandemic.

“It reflects UKHospitality Cymru’s campaign and proposals for jobs-based support and represents further recognition of the high costs of staying shut and also the huge contribution to the economy that our industry makes each and every day in Wales in normal times- and, of course, the value we will quickly add once more once we are allowed to reopen.

“Now we need the Chancellor to announce an extension of business rates holiday, furlough and lower industry VAT and Welsh Government to consider the help it can give us to get to viable trading in the new financial year after reopening commences.”