The 10pm curfew could be voted out as it has emerged a group of Tory backbenchers are prepared to move against the measure, the Telegraph reports.

The rebel conservatives are said to be meeting today (6 October) to discuss their next steps, having been encouraged by Rishi Sunak’s “frustration” at the measure and Labour’s refusal to support the curfew without seeing the supposed scientific evidence behind it.

Two votes on lockdown restrictions are expected in the next 48 hours – one tonight on the ‘rule of six, and a second on Wednesday on the curfew – in which MPs will be asked to approve the measures in a “yes/no” vote.

Whilst only a handful of MPs are likely to vote against the rule of six, rebel conservatives said on Monday that they could bring together the necessary 43 Tory MPs to vote with Labour to overturn the Government’s 85 working majority on the curfew.

“Very few members of Parliament have constituencies which will bear voting against every infringement of liberty,” said former Brexit minister Steve Baker.

“However, there is a growing consensus that neither the 10pm curfew, nor including children in the ‘rule of six’, are well evidenced. I expect quite a few members of Parliament to take issue on those two points.”