A Labour MP has called for alcohol advertising to be banned at sporting events. Dr Howard Stoate, MP for Dartford, writing for the Fabian Society is worried that the advertising is glamorizing alcohol. And he wants it stopped following a rise in younger drinking and the doubling of alcohol consumption between 11 and 15-year-olds since 1990. The Guardian reports the MP as saying: “Watch any top-flight football match these days on television and you'll see dozens of references to alcohol products “You see drinks firms' logos on team shirts, drink commercials at half-time and bottles of champagne for 'man-of-the-match' – the list is endless. “We need radical measures that will prevent alcohol companies from associating themselves with the excitement and glamour of professional sport and using it to boost their sales among the young in particular. “A complete ban of alcohol advertising or sponsorship within sports is the only way of achieving this. “Alcohol advertising shouldn't be allowed anywhere near live sporting events or sport on television.” A ban on alcohol advertising would be a major blow to Danish brewers Carlsberg – who sponsor Premiership football team Liverpool and to Marston's which are the official sponsor to the England cricket team. But Stoate is adamant that a ban should be introduced to stave off the rise in teen drinking. “Teenagers as young as 13 are being admitted to hospital for alcohol-related treatment and liver specialists are seeing patients in their 20s and 309s with end-stage alcoholic liver disease,” he added.