London is among the world’s top three city brands according to a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of advertising agency Leo Burnett. Conducted as a poll of 4,000 UK adults, the research showed that London is highly rated across four categories: vibrancy of culture, standard of living, attractiveness as a holiday or short break destination and suitability of climate. However, in the final category, positive word-of-mouth, the British capital scored less favourite, much to the concern of the researchers. Overall, London was beaten only by New York and Sydney, losing out to the Big Apple and Rio de Janeiro in the vibrancy of culture stakes, and trumping all competition in the suitability of climate category. But the city managed just 20th place when it came to positive word-of-mouth, and was well beaten by the likes of Johannesburg, Edinburgh and Dubai. Fewer than 20% surveyed said that they had heard anything positive about the city. Richard Pinder, president of Leo Burnett in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, said: "London is going to have to start blowing its trumpet a bit more: creating talk-value for the capital necessarily means shouting about what's going on there that's fresh and exciting, and London's got plenty of it today." He added: "Cities are having to start thinking and acting more like brands than ever before. Increasingly they compete with each other for investment from global businesses, vie for the tourist dollar, struggle to attract world class talent – and as we’ve seen with the Olympic 2012 bid recently, fight tooth and nail for the right to host major global sporting events. You can’t place a high enough value on getting a city’s branding right today." Other cities in the poll included Beijing, in at number 35 overall, but expected to climb rapidly as its hype machine sparks up to publicise the 2008 Olympics. Bottom of the chart came Beirut, at number 50.