London Mayor Sadiq Khan has joined calls for a review of the 10pm curfew, accusing the move of doing “more harm than good.”

In an update to the London Assembly this week, Khan said that in his view, the curfew not only appears to be ineffective but could be counterproductive in curbing infection rates.

The number of new cases in the capital rose by 394 on Wednesday (07 October) to 1,310, the third highest daily regional rise in the UK.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Khan said it is vital the government carry out a review of the curfew “as a matter of urgency,” adding that the scientific evidence for introducing such a policy was “limited”.

“We continue to see the unintended consequence of increased social mixing in other settings after 10pm,” he said. “This includes worrying pictures of people gathering in the streets and forced to crowd onto public transport together as venues close early.

“At the same time many of our pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues are on the brink of collapse as their revenues are reduced even further, without financial support from government.”

“The government should accept that the 10pm curfew rules isn’t achieving what it was hoped to and could be doing more harm than good.”

On the rumours of upcoming local lockdowns, Khan said that whilst rates were increasing in the capital, “the sort of silver lining is that we aren’t near the levels that we have seen in other parts of the country.”

But if a lockdown were to be imposed, he added that “we are keen to go as one London,” rather than on a borough by borough basis.

“The idea of having a restriction in one borough but not in another borough, when people often travel from home to work, or may go to a restaurant in another borough, or to visit family, you can imagine the complications if that were to happen,” he said.