Karen Jones, current chair at Prezzo, Mowgli and Hawksmoor, has been appointed to represent hospitality on the Government’s new Build Back Better Council.

One of 30 members representing industries from retail and hospitality to finance, science and technology, Jones will be invited to share her views on the economy, provide commercial perspective on policy and highlight obstacles and solutions to economic recovery with a look to work in partnership with the Government to unlock investment and boost job creation.

Co-chaired by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, the council commenced its first virtual meeting yesterday (18 January), where Johnson updated members on the vaccine roll-out and plans to rebuild the economy after the crisis.

The council will meet quarterly, with further meetings agreed if required, and members have been appointed for a fixed term of 12 months.

Though Jones’ appointment has been welcomed by some in industry, others have highlighted the lack of representation for the late-night sector.

Sacha Lord, the night time economy adviser for Greater Manchester said: “What a kick in the teeth for the night time economy. No representation for the 5th biggest industry in the UK. Just bankers, financiers and large scale corporate CEO’s. What about the independents? The heart of our high streets. Completely insulting.”

Northern Restaurant and Bar CEO Thom Hetherington added: “Good Karen Jones is on this, she’s great. Long hospitality pedigree, as entrepreneur and board exec, and current Chair of Prezzo, Hawksmoor and Mowgli. Property/retail over-represented though. No one from hotels/pubs/bars etc to round out hospitality/NTE?”