The Transport and General Workers Union has accused Interbrew of breaking its promises to its staff at the Boddington's brewery in Manchester. The union said there was a clear understanding that Boddington's workers who wanted to stay with the company after the brewery’s closure would be retrained or transferred. Interbrew has now sent letters to staff telling them their jobs do not qualify for transfer. Interbrew closed the brewery on 28 February and relocated some staff to a variety of locations in the company, including the Samesbury brewery in Preston. However, Franny Joyce, industrial organiser at T&G, is angry that not all of the workers have been relocated. Joyce said: "How come these workers, who were told by the Interbrew chief executive that their dedication, commitment and skills were beyond question, are now surplus to requirements?" Interbrew responded with the statement: "Contrary to statements issued by T&G, Interbrew UK has remained committed to seeking alternative positions for the Boddingtons Brewery employees. They have all been supported in looking for further work. To date, 60% of the 55 affected employees have been successful in finding new roles. "We are also continuing to support the remaining 22 employees in their search for further employment, including ongoing retraining for those who have requested it."