Hugh Osmond has said he would bring a High Court challenge against the government again, despite the judge ruling against the case. 

Osmond, who brought the case alongside Sacha Lord, said the challenge was successful in holding the government to task, and forcing it to produce scientific evidence to back up its the decision to delay the reopening of indoor hospitality until 17 May.

The pair argued there was no justification or scientific basis for indoor hospitality to remain closed while other businesses such as non-essential retail have been permitted to resume trading.

In his overview, the Honourable Mr Justice Julian Knowles said the call to bring forward indoor reopening was ‘academic’, as it would be unlikely to take place before 17 May, the date by which indoor hospitality is already scheduled to reopen.

Speaking on MCA’s The Conversation, Osmond told host Peter Martin: “Would I do it again? Yes. Do I think we achieved quite a lot in the process? Yes. If anything like this happens again, I will do it again.”

Osmond acknowledged the result was disappointing, especially given the judge had said it was worthy of being speeded up, only for it to be delayed, which led to it being considered academic.

Adding to the frustration was the release of a Sage report which admitted there had not been evidence that the hospitality industry had a high risk of transmission.

He added: “We held the government to task, we forced them to do a lot of work. They had to produce evidence, they had to justify it to the court, they were put on notice that they did have to find evidence. Hopefully the publicity and PR we got forced them into the position where in the future, if God forbid this ever happens again, they will know that if they don’t show evidence then someone is going to challenge them.

“The court ruling was basically about timing, it was on a technicality, it was not about the evidence. That’s good for us because, because if they ever do something like this again, we’ll be fast out of the blocks, demanding to see evidence if they don’t produce it.”

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