Deltic Group will continue to operate until the Government announce a sufficient support package for its employees, Peter Marks, Deltic CEO, has told MCA.

The Group, which employs 3,000 people, will “choose to close our business once we have a satisfactory announcement from government on employee support,” said Marks.

“It’s business as usual until we get that, because all the time we’re building cash to be able to pay our employees for as long as we can afford to pay them. We need to make a decision that is right for them as well as for the survival of the company.”

In terms of a sufficient support program, Marks cited the strategies being used in neighbouring countries, where governments are paying a percentage of affected employee’s earnings and job protection plans have been put in place.

“If the Government announce something we can work with that’s similar to the schemes in other countries then I’ll be saying ‘fair play, you’re taking this head on and trying to put business in the freezer so it can be resurrected.’”

“I honestly think there is a desire from Government to do that. We heard them say ‘we will do what it takes,’ so as long as those words are stuck to and we see a good employee support package, we can survive,” he said.

Deltic operates 53 late-night venues across its Bar & Beyond, Eden, Pryzm, Atik, Fiction, Cameo, Kuda and Vinyl brands.

An announcement is expected from chancellor Rishi Sunak on employee support during today’s press conference, set to take place at 5pm this afternoon.