MCA’s April edition marks the first month since December 2020 that venues have been able to serve customers. We examine how profitable outdoors trading realistically is for operators, and the challenges in coping with no-shows. Peter Martin gives a counter argument on calorie labelling, and suggests the industry won’t want to be on the wrong side of the obesity health crisis. Dom Walsh meanwhile unpicks what went wrong with Deliveroo’s IPO. MCA editor Finn Scott-Delany takes a critical look at Popeye’s bold UK expansion plans, while in an in-depth analysis, he unpicks how the government might adjudicate over the £2bn rent debts accumulated by the sector during months of closure. Elsewhere Chilango has launched a digital store – but does it risk losing the human touch of hospitality? We also round up highlights from our Food to Go Conference, featuring leadership insight from Pret, McDonald’s, Greggs and Tortilla, as well as the key talking points from The Conversation, and the latest news, people moves and openings from the past month.