Oche is in conversation with a number of potential franchise partners as it looks to roll out its gastro-gaming concept across the UK.

The international brand from The Social Gaming Group opened its first UK site in London last year, and has since launched in major cities including Melbourne and Singapore.

Oche, The Strand offers tech-driven darts games paired with sharing plates from Michelin-starred chefs, inspired by cuisines from around the world.

The Social Gaming Group CEO Troy Warfield tells MCA that a year on, he sees the potential to create a “very big footprint” across the country through franchising.

”We’ve quickly established ourselves and a brand proposition that can work on a global perspective.

“I’m pleased to say we’ve got a number of people in conversation at the moment for expansion across the UK”, he adds.

Warfield says any of the UK’s top ten major cities have a market threshold which would “more than comfortably sustain” the business.


“I think the concept that we’ve brought to life, gastro-gaming, seems to be really resonating here and we’re seeing that mainly from the social groups that come, but definitely from corporate groups as well.”

He sees big opportunity to capitalise on a demand for premium corporate experiences, as post-covid working practices continue to have a stronghold.

“Corporate entertainment is really valuable, particularly in a world where people may be working from home part of the week.

“When people take their own team or clients out, they want to make sure that the experience is a good one.

The UK business is currently seeing around half of its revenue come from corporate team building and events, says Warfield.

However, this is also bolstered by “the socially active” demographic, attracting 20 to 35-year-olds as a core age group and leveraging trade from Covent Garden and nearby theatre scene.

Tasked with differentiating from an increasingly busy market space, Warfield says setting itself apart isn’t defined by one particular element. 

”Our vision is we’re a tech company and a hospitality company.

”It’s the games that we produce that really create the buzz, and then you combine that with the drinks that we serve, the international sharing plates that are good quality at a good value price.

”I think when you when you pull all that together, it’s the sum of those parts that then create the experience.”