A new report has revealed Subway has overtaken Tesco and sold £300m worth of sandwiches making it number one in the UK for sandwich sales. According to a report published by the British Sandwich Association, Subway has nearly double the sales of its nearest competitor the supermarket giant. The announcements coincides with British Sandwich Week, 11-17 May and comes as the industry is now worth £5bn. Kevin Graham, the Subway's European director, said: "We are delighted to have been ranked number one by this report in the UK. “This is the first time Subway has held this position in the UK and it further underlines the strength of the company's brand, product and franchise system. “It is also testament to our entrepreneurial and outstanding franchisees. Our aim is to be the World's favourite place to eat fresh and this is yet another major milestone for us." The report highlights that the sandwich market is moving away from being a predominantly lunchtime meal with customers demanding products at other times of the day. Steve Richards, chair of the Subway's business development team in the UK and Ireland said: "This is a trend we are seeing more and more, as our customers are visiting the stores at different times of the day such as at breakfast and in the evening. ”We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers great tasting sub sandwiches, made just the way they want, fresh in front of them. It's all about great choice - at any time of the day and we have a wide range of subs from indulgent to low fat to great value - which is why consumers are flocking to us." Jim Winship, Director of the British Sandwich Association, commented: "The growth of Subway has been nothing short of phenomenal. Sandwiches represent a major part of the British diet and it is clear that Subway has become a national favourite with UK consumers." The Report, published by the British Sandwich Association with data from TNS and other research sources, looks at each sector of the market and how it has performed relative to the market as a whole. Earlier this year Subway opened its 32nd store in Wales, bringing its total sites in the UK and Ireland to 1,200. The group, which is currently opening an average of six stores a week, plans to have 2,000 sites by 2010 in the UK. The company has also said that it anticipates that it will overtake the number of stores operated by McDonald’s, which is about 1,250 restaurants, by the middle of this year.