Pret a Manger has announced its subscription service, first launched in September 2020, will be rebranded to Club Pret and now cost £30 per month, up from £25.

This follows the increase in price from £20 to £25 last year.

It will retain the inclusion of up to five barista-prepared drinks per day, and now offer users 10% off everything else sold in Pret stores, excluding some service stations.

Drinks included in the offer are coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced drinks, with smoothies and frappes axed earlier this year. A new range of shakes will also be included when launched in July.

The food-to-go brand ups the cost of its subscription service by a fifth, following price rises of as much as 18% and an increase in staff wages by 19% over the past year.

The price of a latte has risen 12% year on year, from £2.95 to £3.30.

CEO Pano Christou warned of inflationary challenges, saying the business has not passed on all price increases and has a lower percentage of inflation than supermarkets.

He also said Pret may have to implement another wage increase amid stiff competition for staff.

The company, which has 439 stores in the UK, said its subscription service is redeemed 1.25 million times per week – up 11% year-on-year.

Subscribers transact with Pret 28 times per month, compared to just two times per month for non-subscribers.

Club Pret is now live in the majority of Pret’s UK shops. People can sign-up from today and receive 50% off their first month.

Existing Coffee Subscribers will automatically become part of Club Pret. Their current monthly price of £25 per month will only change to £30 at their next billing cycle on or after 5th June.

The company plans to double the size of its business by 2026.

Christou said the changes followed three pay increases for staff in the last 12 months.

“It’s now time that we give back to our most loyal customers, expanding the Subscription and making our freshly made food, snacks and organic coffee, more accessible to the people who have been crucial to Pret’s success,” he said. “That’s what Club Pret is all about.”