Solo Coffee, a cold brew start-up, has secured £200,000 in investment for an 18% stake in the business.

Led by Theo Garcia and Alex Foss Sims, the idea came about from a desire to create a sugar free cold coffee drinks, and was initially backed by the Start Up Loans scheme.

Solo Coffee offers a bag-in-box product, which has capacity for 40 servings, and nitro taps for cafés, bars and offices.

Garcia said: “We’ve always believed in our vision, but it’s hard to get investors to have the same belief. Luckily for us, the market for cold brew coffee is blowing up right now and no one quite has the same offering as us.

“Everyone else seems to be focusing on flavoured, retail facing cold brew. We decided to make it easy to drink good coffee in your office, home and café - the places where people actually drink coffee.”

The new investor was undisclosed.