Former Greene King CEO Rooney Anand has raised £200m to invest in Britain’s pubs sector, Sky News reports.

Anand, who led Greene King for 15 years, is expected to embark on a series of acquisitions in the coming months.

Sky reports he was being backed by an unnamed US-based private equity firm.

Sources close to his vehicle, Redcat Pub Company, said Anand was unlikely to pursue large corporate takeovers in the near term, but would focus on smaller acquisitions with scope for improving operational performance.

He is betting that the ending of social distancing will trigger a resurgence for the pub sector, which has been badly impacted by lockdowns.

Anand left Greene King in 2019, and went on to join Casual Dining Group as chairman, but left it entered into insolvency proceedings.

A spokeswoman for Redcat declined to comment.