BrewDog is set to close its fifth Equity for Punks crowdfunding round next week, after raising £23m over the past year.

The Scottish brewer exceeded its initial target by £13m but fell short of its ultimate goal of £50m.

The company stressed that Equity for Punks V currently stands as the world’s most successful equity crowdfunding raise; a record BrewDog has held since raising £19m during its previous European raise.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said“It’s insane to see over 90,000 people buy a piece of our business. This continued support and demand for Equity for Punks is not only humbling, but demonstrates the passion people share for our mission and belief in awesome beer.

“The success we’ve seen over the past decade has only been made possible by our incredibly passionate, engaged, evangelical community of Equity Punks. They are the beating heart of everything we do and together we are changing the world of beer for the better.”