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  • Consumer Dashboard - May 2018

    13 Jun 2018

    Despite the sunny May weather, there was a fall in overall eating out participation and frequency at every meal-time, with lunch most heavily affected. Pubs were among the worst to suffer, as budget-sensitive consumers seemingly opted for the cheaper alternatives of BBQs and picnics.

  • Consumer Dashboard - April 2018

    22 May 2018

    Participation is higher than ever as a growing number of consumers eat out, just less often than in the past. Consumers increasingly flock to coffee shops and pubs for breakfast and show a willingness to increase their spend at this day-part.

  • Consumer Dashboard - March 2018

    10 Apr 2018

    The positive results in early 2018 continue… although in comparison to some low levels in 2017.

  • Consumer Dashboard - February 2018

    15 Mar 2018

    The February 2018 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows mixed results, to follow the optimism of January’s uptick in eating out frequency. There was a slight rise in breakfast frequency, whilst consumers dropped some of their higher ticket dinner occasions.

  • Consumer Dashboard - January 2018

    20 Feb 2018

    The January 2018 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows a positive start to 2018, with increases in both visit frequency and average spend at every day-part in the opening month of the year, compared to January 2017

  • Consumer Dashboard - December 2017

    18 Jan 2018

    The December 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that after a year of falling frequencies and average spend, the Eating Out market has shown little sign of recovery in the 2017 Christmas period.

  • Consumer Dashboard - November 2017

    18 Dec 2017

    The November 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that, in just over a year, the UK Eating Out market has gone from firing on all cylinders to showing signs of breakdown…

  • Consumer Dashboard - October 2017

    23 Nov 2017

    The October 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that frequency of eating out has fallen back at all three meal-times in October, reflecting weakening consumer confidence and a growing uncertainty, as real wage levels slip and interest rate hikes begin.

  • Consumer Dashboard - September 2017

    18 Oct 2017

    The September 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that frequency has fallen at each meal-time for the fourth month in succession, although rising average spend, aided by menu inflation, has helped offset some of the volume losses.

  • Consumer Dashboard - August 2017

    21 Sep 2017

    The August 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that August brought further declines in annual visit frequency, but less severe than in July and actually with a modest uplift compared with this previous month. 

  • Consumer Dashboard - July 2017

    11 Aug 2017

    The July 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that there has been a further setback for the UK Eating Out market in July, as total occasion frequency dropped to the lowest level for two years after significant decreases at every day-part.

  • Consumer Dashboard - June 2017

    17 Jul 2017

    The June 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows significant frequency decreases in June are a continuation of concerning trends recorded throughout 2017 so far, with the exception only of May.

  • Consumer dashboard – May 2017

    04 Jul 2017

    The May 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that aided by an especially soft comparative in May 2016, participation, frequency and average spend all increased in May 2017, following a period of far more concerning results earlier in 2017.

  • Consumer dashboard - April 2017

    23 May 2017

    The April 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows that the late Easter weekend and favourably dry weather helped to bump up participation in April to a record high of 95%.

  • Consumer Dashboard - March 2017

    19 Apr 2017

    MCA’s Eating Out Panel data in March 2017 has shown a difficult month for the sector, with falls in the percentage of people eating out, frequency and average spend.

  • Consumer dashboard – February 2017

    17 Mar 2017

    The February 2017 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows menu price inflation continuing to drive up the average spend per meal, a trend that is expected to accelerate through 2017.

  • Consumer Dashboard - January 2017

    09 Mar 2017

    In a potentially concerning start to the year, consumer frequency in January 2017 was lower than in any month of 2016 at all day-parts. 

  • Consumer Dashboard – December 2016

    20 Jan 2017

    In advance of what many expect to be a tougher 2017, there were mixed results in the final month of last year, MCA’s Eating Out Panel data has shown.

  • Consumer Dashboard - October 2016

    23 Nov 2016

    The October 2016 data from MCA’s Eating Out Panel shows continued resilience in the sector throughout October.

  • Consumer Dashboard - November 2016

    10 Dec 2016

    November was the first month of 2016 in which a fall in eating out participation came alongside a decrease in frequency at three out of four day-parts.  

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