Soho Coffee Co is partnering with The Restaurant Group to open in Liverpool Street Station.

Originally due to open as the UK went into lockdown, the new franchise delivers a Soho format developed exclusively for TRG Concessions.

The coffee shop’s first railway concession, it will serve a hot food range including a vegan meatball marinara, the dirty bird sandwich, and a toasted cheesy sausage and onion melts.

TRG has a long standing relationship with Network Rail with partnership brands in train stations across the country.

Penny Manuel, Soho Coffee Co. managing director, said: “Despite all the challenges 2020 has presented the hospitality industry, we are pleased to be looking ahead, tackling new marketplaces and retail opportunities.

“We have a highly energetic, opinionated and committed team who are rightly proud of the brand they have created. Constantly innovating and driving forward, their goal is to make Soho a way of life for as many people as possible through offering carefully crafted and original food and drink, delivered with shiny service.”

Jonathan Knight, who oversees TRG’s newly combined leisure and concessions divisions, said: “Disruption to business in 2020 has been extreme so it is great to be back to something more normal, launching a new partnership to serve passengers using a major London rail station. We’re excited to see what the Soho Coffee and TRG Concessions collaboration creates in the future.”