The top 100 casual dining brands increased their delivery availability, from 61% in 2017 to 66% in 2018, driven by fast food outlets and branded restaurants, MCA analysis reveals. 

Pubs are still lagging behind when it comes to delivery, with just seven out of 31 leading brands offering the service.

Domino’s remains the delivery brand UK consumers are most aware of – though the pizza brand and others such as Pizza Hut Delivery and Papa John’s are losing recognition as delivery platforms gain awareness.

Domino’s lost 2.9pp of awareness, Pizza Hut Delivery lost 7.2pp and Papa John’s lost 2pp.

Meanwhile Just Eat gained 0.9pp of awareness – the most recognised in London and the regions - Deliveroo gained 11.2pp and Uber Eats 23.3pp.

Awareness of the newer delivery platform such as Uber Eats was far greater in London, where it increased by 22pp year on year.