Consumers’ foodservice spend levels have dropped back after peaking at nearly £11 per head in February, new research has shown.

Lumina Intelligence’s latest Eating & Drinking Out Panel quarterly report found average spend climbed from £9 for the week ending 14 February to £10.84 the following week.

Expenditure dropped to £8.51 two weeks later, before picking up again in the two proceeding weeks.

But spend then fell again £7.99 in the week ending 11 April and has fluctuated in the weeks since.

Meanwhile the operators who managed to increase their share of meal occasions reflected the growth of fast food in the 12 weeks to 18 April compared with the same window to 24 January.

Climbers included McDonald’s up 0.6ppt to 13.8%, KFC rose 0.7ppts to 5.6% and Domino’s moved up 0.6ppts to 4.7%.

Starbucks, Costa and Greggs were among those to suffer a dip in their share of meal occasions.

Burgers suffered a popularity dip in the first quarter of this year along with partner product chips, wedges and fries compared with the previous quarter to the week ending 24 January.

The Panel found curries enjoyed a 0.4ppt uplift from 4.7% to 5.1%, in the Top 20 dishes by percentage of occasions.

Salads saw a 0.2ppt decline to 2.8%, but kebabs increased their popularity from 1.5% to 1.7% by percentage of occasions.

Pizzas held steady at 14.5%, while sandwiches and wraps edged up 0.2ppts to 14.5%.