Footfall across the UK continued to grow this month despite the conclusion of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, according to Wireless Social.

The Wi-Fi solutions provider’s latest footfall tracker revealed that for the first two weeks in September (recorded Saturday 5 and 12 September), footfall was 40% down on pre-lockdown levels, 3% higher than Saturday 29 August.

Footfall on Sunday 6 September and Sunday 13 September (-37% and -38%) was 5% lower than the final Sunday in August (30 August), but this was likely attributed to warm weather over the bank holiday weekend.

In London, footfall on Saturday 5 and 12 of September was also 40% below pre-lockdown levels, an increase of 3% compared to 29 August (-43%), but the tracker has found that most of this increased traffic was driven by the London ‘villages’.

In the likes of Richmond, Wimbledon and Hampstead, footfall on 5 September was much higher, at 25% below pre-lockdown levels, compared to the West End (-56%), the City (-62%) and Canary Wharf (-68%).

However, not every major UK city experienced an increase in footfall, as the data indicates there was a drop by 19% in Liverpool on 12 September (-32%) compared to 30 August (-13%), the largest decrease recorded by the tracker.

This dip was echoed in Edinburgh’s figures, which saw a drop of 19% from Saturday 12 September (-43%) and Saturday 29 August (-24%).

“It’s really encouraging that overall footfall is continuing to climb, and people have been gaining confidence in returning to support their favourite bars and restaurants,” said Julian Ross, CEO at Wireless Social. “However, with the recent government announcements around social restrictions, it may have an impact on that level of trust and comfort and we are already seeing a decline in some cities.

“The government’s announcement around mandatory track and trace procedures should have a positive impact on this however, as it will go some way to ensuring visitors feel safe and comfortable in venues. We hope that despite these extra measures being put in place they continue to encourage the general public to support the hospitality industry and assure them that it is safe.”