A record 37.6m overseas visitors came to the UK in 2016, 4% more than in 2015, new ONS figures reveal.

More than 19m visits were to London, with the fall in value of the pound after the Brexit vote believed to have made the UK more attractive to overseas tourists.

Visitors spent £22.5bn in the UK in 2016, an increase of 2% on 2015.

Spending on hotels, restaurants and attractions in the capital was slightly down over the year at £11.9bn, although it was up in the last quarter.

Growth in visitor numbers was most notable at the start and end of the year, 8% in Q1 and Q4, while more modest in Q2 and Q3.

The average length of stays has stayed fairly consistent over the last five years, at between seven and eight nights.

Residents from outside Europe and North America stayed an average of 13.7 nights, European residents stayed 5.9 nights, while business typically lasted four nights.

The French stayed more than residents of any other country, with 4.1m trips, marginally less than in 2015 (4.2m).

Eight of 10 of the most frequent visitors were from the EU, with Americans the second most frequent visitors (3.5m) and Australian tenth (1m).

Average spend was £596, slightly less than the £608 spent per visit in 2015.

US residents spent the most of any nationality, a total of £3.4bn – an increase of 11% on 2015.

London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham each attracted over 1m stays from overseas visitors

London attracted 19.1m overnight visits in 2016, with more than half of visits to the UK included a trip to London.

The most popular destination outside London for overnight trips were Edinburgh (1.7m), Manchester (1.2m) and Birmingham (1.1m).