Pubs continue to face tough trading conditions but are benefitting from high perceptions of value for money, the latest MCA data has shown.

MCA’s Pub Brand Monitor for Q3 2017 shows that the share of out of home breakfast and dinner occasions taking place in pubs has risen since a year ago, but fallen at lunch.

The average spend per head per pub visit has increased at every day-part, particularly driven by hikes in menu prices, but the modest 1% growth in pub dinner spending is behind the 3% rise in the total Eating Out market and the c.3% increase in wider menu price inflation, highlighting the difficult challenge to maintain value growth in the face of mounting volume pressures.

Good value is the top reason pubs are chosen for breakfast and dinner and is a greater need among visitors to pubs than any other Eating Out market channel.

As consumer spending power is squeezed, breakfast and dinner have been the hardest hit meal-times, but high perceptions of value for money have aided pubs in keeping consumer visit cuts to a minimum, relative to other channels.

The monitor gives a detailed breakdown of performance across pub brands. To find out more about the research, please contact