A new report has found that 41% of pubs still don’t offer a wine list and that customers opinion of the wine offer in pubs lags behind that of operators.

The Future of the On-Trade wine report from Crown Cellars found that 61% of the trade think that wine quality has got better in recent years compared to just 35% of customers.

The poll of c1,000 wine consumers and 500 on-trade outlets found there are many missed opportunities to encourage customers to trade up. The report says a tiered range of the most popular grape varieties at different price points can help staff to encourage customers to trade up.

The findings show differing opinions on wine between millennials and older generations.

The report says that millennials need to be inspired with a strong visual display in order to compete with other categories such as craft beers and ciders and would like to see simple, engaging descriptors on the wine list. Respondents from this age bracket said they didn’t feel that there was enough guidance around taste and felt they were being discouraged from exploring the category and diversifying. In contrast, over 30s said they felt more confident in their wine choices but they appreciated wine and food matching recommendations and were more likely to trade up if encouraged to do so.

Paul Waller, director of third party brands at Crown Cellars, said: “Wine in the on-trade has developed and evolved significantly in the last decade, but it is clear that there is still some way to go to catch up with other drinks categories and with customer expectations. When you consider that 41% of wet-led pubs still don’t have a wine list, and 28% of pubs don’t think that wine training is important, there is still work to be done. We are looking forward to using this research along with our experience and knowledge of wine trends to better advise and educate the trade.”