Gin sales in the on-trade have rocketed by 56% by value in a year, driven by a doubling in the number of pink gin drinkers, new research from CGA reveals.

On-trade gin sales reached £1.4bn in the year to mid-May 2019, with 8.9m people now drinking gin out-of-home—up by 2.3m in just 12 months.

The growth is being driven by pink and flavoured varieties, with sales increasing more than eight-fold to £392m in the 12 months to mid-May.

Around 5.1m consumers now say they drink pink gin— up from 2.2m last year – with women accounting for seven in ten of all pink gin drinkers.

More than half (54%) of pink gin drinkers them say they don’t drink gin generally, suggesting many are being temped away from other spirits and cocktails.

Pink gin skews to the younger demographic, with more than two in five (44%) aged 18 to 34, and fewer than one in five (18%) aged 55 or over.

Across the UK, pink gin accounts for 27.5% of all gin sales, but rises to 40.2% in Lancashire and dips to 16.1% in London.

The research indicates strong growth across mainstream, premium and super-premium gin categories, and the arrival of nearly 250 new gin brands on the market in the last five years.

Licensed venues now stock an average of 8.2 gin brands—well over twice the average of two years ago.

Jonny Jones, CGA’s director of client services for drinks, said: “From value brands to artisan distilleries the category is booming, to the point where consumers now drink gin out-of-home more often than vodka.

“They are becoming ever more adventurous and experimental in their purchases, which makes it vital for suppliers and operators alike to obtain the sharpest insights into the latest trends and market preferences.”

He added: “Pink gin has been an extraordinary success story for the on-trade. It is clearly tempting a lot of drinkers away from other spirits and cocktails, and with new pink gin producers now piling into the market.”