Average drink prices in the pubs & bars segments rose the most for drinks using £x.49 and £x.95 pricing, in a bid to use strategies as a way to mask price increases in Q4 2022, according to Lumina Intelligence.

Data from the Menu Tracker tool also indicates the most expensive drinks were priced using £x.00, appealing to trends of quality and premiumisation across the market.

The use of £x.95 and £x.50 pricing strategies increased in the coffee and sandwich shop segment between Q3 and Q4, while £x.00 pricing saw a decline as operators moved away from premiumisation towards value.

Cocktails and spirits were a key focus for restaurant operators in Q4, with new drink development focusing on premiumisation and Christmas themes. Wine was the most common new drink introduced, growing by three percentage points compared to Q3.

Non-alcoholic drink ranges were also expanded to prompt more spend for consumers opting not to drink. Juices, squashes, and flavoured water options were popular introductions to encourage non-drinkers and moderators to upgrade their drink choices.

Lumina Intelligence’s Menu Tracker tool tracks, compares, and analyses the pricing and menu composition of 80 major UK pub, restaurant, QSR, and coffee and sandwich shop operators. For more information, please click here.