More than 80% of hospitality operators are facing recruitment and retention challenges, while just 33% have implemented a formal and documented people strategy within their organisation, according to a study by workforce management specialist Bizimply.

The report ‘The Six Tenets of Agile Hospitality,’ based on a survey and interviews with senior operators across the UK, Europe, and US, showed that 84.3% of respondents are struggling to build a team with the right capabilities to drive growth.

The report builds on a study undertaken a year ago in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, indicating that a reduced workforce and high demand for skilled employees, along with a global economic downturn, low consumer confidence, and soaring inflation are among the key challenges faced by operators.

Only 40% of respondents feel they’ve invested enough in technology – compared to 55% last year – while 83.4% aim to improve operational complexity using digital tools.

Bizimply CEO Conor Shaw said: “Sadly, what’s clear is that too many hospitality operators are still working with a ‘top-down’ approach to people management. Even before the pandemic, that was looking unfit for purpose. With the economic headwinds the industry now faces, many of those businesses that are failing to invest may not be around much longer.

“Investment in the right technology empowers hospitality staff at the front line, making all the difference to customer service.”