The vast majority of operators believe customers are sticking to coronavirus guidelines when they visit their premises, Lumina’s Hospitality Leaders Poll reveals.

Asked to what extent they thought customers were sticking to the rules, 51% said very much, 44% said fairly, and just 5% said not very much.

A sizeable minority however believe their peers in the industry (24%) are not sticking to the spirit of the guidelines.

When asked to what extent their peers in the industry were sticking to the spirit of the guidelines, 60% said fairly, and 15% said very much.

Only a small minority (4%) believe local lockdowns have been unfair, with 44% saying the powers have been used “fairly and proportionately”.

The findings come after pubs groups in the North West in particular urged consumers to take responsibility and abide by the rules, with a minority were blamed for not doing their part.

Despite its popularity among consumers, the poll was undecided on the longer-term impact of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

An equal proportion (24%) thought it was likely and unlikely that the scheme would boost consumer confidence and inspire a return to eating out beyond August, while 39% said maybe.

Confidence grew week on week, with the number of operators asked who were ‘quite confident’, ‘confident’ or ‘very confident’ in the future of their business increasing from 71% to 73%.