Price inflation in managed pubs & bars is coming down year-on-year after the sector experienced soaring rates over the last two years.

HDI’s Pricing Database shows food and drink inflation in pubs and bars are both tracking at 6.1%.

This is an average increase of 71p for food and 23p for a drink over the past year (June 2023-June 2024).

While this remains higher than the CPI level of inflation at 2.3%, and CPIH which includes housing costs at 3%, it is a significant improvement on the two-year-average.

The two-year average for food in pub and bars is 15.7% while for drink it is 14.9%.

This means the average cost of a main course has increased by £1.68 over the last two years, whilst the average cost of a drink has increased by 52p.

HDI Pricing Database

Mark Bentley, business development director at HDI, said: “It’s encouraging to see inflation easing, but the numbers across hospitality and grocery continue to trend well ahead of inflation more widely.

“Digging deeper into the detail within hospitality, we can see that there’s a clear North-South divide at play here, with operators tending to push price to a greater extent in the South versus the North.”

HDI’s Pricing Database uses data from more than 6,000 managed pubs & bars.