UK footfall has returned to 50% of pre-lockdown levels, according to the latest data from Wireless Social.

Last week, there was cause for concern as overall footfall declined for the first time since reopening, but the latest figures have revealed a bounce back across the country.

There was a significant jump in Birmingham footfall this Sunday (2 August), moving from –50% of the February average footfall last week, to –31% this week, the closest to pre-lockdown levels that has been reported so far on the tracker.

Footfall increased slightly in both central and suburban London, shifting from -53% on Saturday and -49% on Sunday last week, to -46% on Saturday and -45% on Sunday this week in the centre, and -54% to -46% (Saturday) and -43% to -40% (Sunday) in the suburbs.

Other cities including Bristol, Liverpool, and Newcastle all saw slight increases in footfall, as did Manchester, although with a local lockdown in place figures are likely to dip this week.

Cities in Scotland and Wales seem to be increasing at a slightly slower rate.

Cardiff increase in footfall this week but remains around – 60% of its February levels, and Glasgow increased by 1% on Saturday (from -58% to -57%) and decreased on Sunday (from -61% to -67%).

Edinburgh, however, bucked this trend, increasing by 9% (from -61% to -52%) on Sunday.

On average, London’s shopping districts saw rates increase, with Oxford Street seeing its highest footfall in 5 months, and other districts, with the exception of Wardour street in Soho, increasing slightly.