An additional 145 million pints of beer can be sold out of home now that social distancing has been relaxed, according to CGA.

CGA’s original forecast was based on two metre social distancing remaining in place until the end of August, meaning outlets could only trade at around 30% capacity.

At “one metre plus” they can trade at 70%, equating to a significant difference in sales as a result of increased capacity alone.

Jonny Jones, CGA’s director of client services, said: “As well as the difference in sales, more outlets are likely to open in July, as their businesses become viable at 70% capacity. The combination of more outlets opening and a significantly higher capacity across all who do, equates to an additional 145 million pints of beer sold over the remainder of 2020, although this does depend on consumer confidence and how people feel about going out again.

“Our data suggests there is enough pent-up demand to max out sales at this level of supply, but many consumers are still cautious about returning to the trade and want to see precautions put in place to ensure their safety. It’s now down to operators to market their credentials as Covid-19 safe, and ensure that customers feel comfortable to visit their outlets.”

The figures are based on CGA’s On premise measurement service, which measures all drinks sales sold in licensed venues.