The price of some of the most popular high street restaurant dishes, snacks and drinks have risen by up to 26% over the past two years, as operators seek to pass on some of their cost increases to the consumer.

Analysis by The Observer found the prices at chain restaurants such as Nando’s, Zizzi and The Real Greek had risen steeply since October 2020.

A half chicken at Nando’s now £8.50, compared to £6.75 two years ago (+26%), while 10 chicken wings were £11.75 – up from £9.60 (+22%, and a Choc-A-Lot cake dessert has risen has gone up from £4.15 to £4.75 (up 14%).

At a Zizzi restaurant in central London, the price of a spaghetti chorizo carbonara meal had risen from £11.70 to £14.25 (up 22%); a chicken and prosciutto salad has gone from £12.25 to £14.50 (up 18%); and sweet potato fries from £3.90 to £4.25 (up 9%).

While The Real Greek, the price of a portion of halloumi fries had gone from £5.95 to £6.95 (up 17%); a souvlaki wrap had risen from £6.45 to £7.50 (up 16%); and a portion of salt cod had gone from £6.90 to £7.95 (up 15%).

The prices of coffee had risen by a less margin, with a Pret A Manger cappuccino in Buckinghamshire having risen by 11%, from £2.75 to £3.05 and a Caffe Nero flat white, had gone up from £2.85 to £3.00 (5%). However, a small Starbucks espresso was 22% more expensive at £2.20 compared to £1.80.

Nando’s said its price increases in the past year had been below the annual 13% menu price inflation found by the latest CGA research.

“Like many, we’re impacted by the rises in the cost of ingredients and in running our restaurants,” it said. “Some items have only increased marginally, and well below both inflation and the industry as a whole, as we try to absorb as much as we can for our customers.”

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality, said: “The sector has been overwhelmed by one crisis after another and is incredibly fragile. We lost about 10% of the industry during the pandemic and we could lose as many businesses again if we do not get more support.”