Five of the top 10 healthier eating chains have seen outlet growth remain static or decline during 2018, as estates are consolidated in the wake of wider market pressures, according to the latest data from MCA.

The Focus on Healthier Eating Chains report, published this month, found that despite the burgeoning interest for consumers in healthier eating, operators such as EAT and Chop’d have seen site numbers fall since December 2017.

However, Pret A Manager is seeing good outlet growth in the UK, with its estate in excess of 370 outlets, from 351 stores open last December. While Pure is the fastest growth healthy eating brand, comparatively, with grow of 13% predicted for its estate by the year-end.

As seen in the wider eating and drinking out market, the ongoing woes of the high street have led to operators of healthy eating chains increasingly looking to the opportunities that travel-based locations, shopping centres and partnerships with supermarket and department stores bring.

Turnover-wise, growth is also relatively flat, with the exception of Pret, however eight out of the top 10 operators are set to grow turnover in 2018.

Other trends seen in the market include branded restaurants adjusting their menus to satisfy customer demand for healthier options, including the likes of McDonald’s. And ‘ultra-personalisation’ – an emerging initiative in healthier eating concepts, seen at the likes of Vita Mojo.

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