Despite the cost of living crisis, consumers are looking for good value rather than cutting down on spend, according to a new report by CGA and customer experience platform Reputation.

Over 2,000 consumers across Britain, Germany, and France were surveyed, 23% of whom said they demand more from venues than they did 12 months ago – indicating consumer expectations have risen in tandem with reduced frequency.

While 41% of British consumers have dined out at least weekly over the past six months, 42% reported dining out less often than before the pandemic, and 65% reported being worried about cost increases.

Sixty-one percent of British consumers evaluate price while choosing a venue, while 57% consider the quality of food and 49% consider the range. Customer service and quality of previous visits were also prominent criteria for evaluation.

Nearly half of consumers look at menus pre-visit, while a significant number check prices and reviews. Across the three countries, nearly three quarters of respondents agreed that eating and drinking out is the treat they most look forward to.