Average prices rose to £2.88 in May, with Greggs as the cheapest operator for a hot coffee, according to Lumina Intelligence’s Menu Tracker

The average price of a hot coffee increased by 3.5% from February to May, according to Lumina Intelligence’s Menu Tracker.

The average price of a hot coffee across the UK eating and drinking out market rose from £2.78 in February to £2.88 in May, while the price within QSR increased 5% from £2.26 to £2.37.

Average hot coffee prices in coffee and sandwich shops increased 3.1% to £2.94, while increasing 4.4% in pubs and bars and 4.7% in restaurants, to £3.24 and £2.77, respectively.

Despite the steepest increase, the QSR channel is still the cheapest for hot coffee, while pubs and bars are the most expensive.

Greggs is the cheapest operator with an average price of £1.90 in May, while Creams Café had the highest average price at £3.34 – an increase of 29% since February. Notably, the average price decreased by 0.8% at Starbucks to £3.13.

Data also shows that lattes are the cheapest type of hot coffee, while mochas are the most expensive.

Commenting on the findings, Senior Insight Manager at Lumina Intelligence, Katherine Prowse, said: “Amid decade high inflation, operators, manufacturers and consumers are facing significant challenges. To mitigate rising costs, operators are going to need to increase prices across the board and this is likely to be just the start, as inflation is forecast to increase.

“Operators still need to be mindful of consumer behaviour and strike the right balance between cost increases and offering good value.”