Terry Durack, of The Independent on Sunday, welcomes the opening of Alan Yau’s new noodle bar Cha Cha Moon in London’s Ganton Street. With all dishes costing £3.50 each, he says it is a glossy reworking of Hong Kong’s traditional dai pai dongs – simple street stalls known for modest mian (noodle) dishes, rice congees and stir-fries. Cha Cha Moon redefines the noodle bar, placing it firmly between Hakkasan’s glamour and Wagmama’s debasement. It is a place for the people, with cheap, cheerful and fun recession dining. Durak awards it 14 out of 20, which ranks as “good” . A meal for two with wine and service costs around £30. The Sunday Telegraph’s Zoe Williams raves over the Creekstone prime rib-eye steak she tucked into at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Grill in Grosvenor Square, London. It was, she says, proof that the eating of meat is divinely purposed. The marbling was discreet and silky, while the depth of flavour was wonderful. The Independent on Sunday 25/05/08 (The New Review) page 51 The Sunday Telegraph 25/05/08 (Stella) pages 70 & 71