Britons spend more than other Europeans on alcohol, with adults in the UK spending £1,549 per year each on drinks, according to a new report. Research by Datamonitor found that the Spanish and Germans spend about half the amount of the British on alcohol. In France, the second country in the list of spending per capita, adults spent £910 each per year in 2005, while the Italians only spent £536 per capita, which was well below the European average of £927. The trend also reflected a move towards more relaxed drinking occasions, with the consumption of alcohol among young adults in the UK forecast to remain almost flat at 15 litres per head per year until 2010. Nicci Pugh, consumer markets analyst at Datamonitor, said: “Young adults are showing a greater interest in high-quality eating experiences and their social occasions are becoming less focused on drinking. “Consumers are keen to enjoy their eating experience with appropriately matched alcoholic drinks, encouraging premium alcoholic drink uptake.” The report also found that due to the rise in female drinking, manufacturers and café and bar owners have had to respond by introducing new products and an altered drinking environment.