Two beer ads seen on British TV without any problems, Guinness's "firewalker" and Carlsberg's "builders' cleavage", have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland after complaints were made against them.

Carlsberg's advert featured a group of male holidaymakers whose hotel looks over a building site staffed by female builders. It was cleared of a complaint that it demeaned women but the ASAI said it was concerned about the depiction of a drink-fuelled holiday "likely to be of particular appeal to male minors".

Guinness was criticised for an advert showing a man walking across a river of lava to rescue pints of Guinness from a bar. The ASAI received complaints from members of the public who believed the advert suggested the drink was a "source of power". Despite acknowledging that firewalker hadn't touched a drop of the drink, the ASAI upheld the complaint.

Guinness, which runs the advert globally, said that it had not received any complaints anywhere else. The company said that it was "very concerned" at the potential loss of the commercial on Irish television the company said it would amend the advert.