Skinners, the Cornish brewer, saw pre-tax profits fall 28.6% in 2010 despite turnover rising almost half a million pounds. Pre-tax profit for the year was £179,912, against £252,150 in 2009, according to full-year accounts filed at Companies House. Operating profit also fell, by 22.1% to £239,507, although gross profit increased 4.4% to £1,625,185. Skinners experienced higher distribution costs (up £67,493 to £351,055) and administrative expenses (up £72,224 to £1,055,623) in the year. Turnover was £4,315,112 (2009: £3,860,948). The accounts also show that Skinners held £58,118 in Government grants at the year-end, having spend £900 in the year. Total dividends paid in the year were £64,044 (2009: £51,000).