An MP has lcriticised a controversial soft drink called Cocaine for glamorising drug taking and called for it to be banned, writes Ewan Turney. Labour MP Keith Vaz has tabled a petition for MPs against the drink which contains 350% more caffeine than Red Bull. The newly-formed company, Ocke Cokey, has confirmed that the high-caffeine stimulant drink, made from guarana and containing 750 milligrams of taurine, will be available in both the on and off-trade this summer. The new product will be rolled out in red 8.4oz cans with the words “Cut Cocaine” spelled out in a white granular substance. But Vaz has called for a ban. His Early Day Motion said: “That this House condemns the expected launch in the UK of the high energy drink Cocaine later this summer; notes that the American firm which developed this drink sells it as the legal alternative to the class A drug; further notes that it contains substances that numb the throat to simulate the effect of taking cocaine; welcomes the comments made by Drugscope that this is cynical and irresponsible marketing; believes that this drink may glamorise drug taking; and calls on the Government to stop its launch this summer.”